Our corporation is operating several fleets on many different routes.

A worldwide capacity regarding renting, leasing or buying of bulk vessels, tankers or   Ro­Ro type ships. Providing the foremost expertise in counseling, researching and delivering the right solution for your needs.

Our company is well known and respected in the shipping industry and has longstanding relationships with charterers and ship owners worldwide. Our brokers work diligently on behalf of our clients to canvass the marketplace to find the appropriate shipping vessel.

DELTA Shipping’s goal is to keep your dry bulk shipping transportation costs low and to ensure that there are no delays that could lead to extra charges. We will also provide innovative shipping logistics solutions, for example, helping to solve a client’s transportation requirements by utilizing an extensive barging system, benefiting shipping brokerage clients timelines and bottom line.

S & P

We  handle the buying and selling of existing vessels in the secondary market or new ships. Our company discuss opportunities and market trends with shipowners, charterers, investors and bankers, report on market sales, vessel values, market trends and activity. When a shipowner has a vessel to sell or is looking for a vessel to acquire, we will source the market for suitable tonnage, discuss with the counterparty or their broker the main points of a transaction and they eventually negotiate all the details. During the negotiations, we do not only negotiate the price of the vessel on behalf of the principals but also all the logistical details for the transfer of the title and the vessel herself to the buyers. During the negotiations minor disputes may have to be handled given that the market may be moving in favor of the buyer (vessel price is softening) or in favor of the seller (vessel price is strengthening) giving each party a reason to cancel the transaction.When we act on behalf of passive investors or financial buyers we may also have to advise and source employment for the vessels, a vessel manager and oversee such agreements.


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