Rail Transportation

Perfect synchronization and integration of transiting cargo and freight of every kind to rail and wagon systems from the sea, air and land arrivals.

Thanks to our latest technology of automated tracking, we don’t loose a single second when it comes to control of our operation.

Rail traffic has possibilities of continuing transportation even there where tracks have different widths. Spanning from group transport via carloads to complete trains and further to special logistics handling ­ there is no limit for us on rails.

Selection of routes to meet your requirements and good use of space and weight capacity ensure your competiveness and economic preservation of your products.

Under our logistical management, even goods with extraordinary dimensions and weights will arrive at correct destination and on schedule desired. Representations both home and abroad ensure our customers all­in­one solution for innovative logistical requirements. Maximum attainable transport stability thus is anticipating sensitive flow of goods.

Turkey has 10,984 km of railways, operated by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD). Since most of the railways have been in use for quite a long time, the Turkish government is aiming to modernize the system through various projects. A budget of USD 23.5 billion has been allocated to railway development up to 2023. As a result, TCDD’s quality of service will be increased and high-speed passenger train transport will become more widespread.



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