Multimodal Transportation

Our company with it’s excellent approach to combining private and state transport in a multimodal transport system offers the opportunity to capitalize the best rates and transittime possible.

Multimodal transportation refers to a transport system usually operated by one carrier with more than one mode of transport under control or ownership of one operator. It involves the use of more than one means of transport such as a combination of truck, railcar, railways, aero plane or ship in succession  toeach e.g.a. container  line which operates both a ship and rail system of double stack trains.

The needs / advantages of multimodal transport:

*  Coordinated and planned as a single operation, it minimizes the loss of time and risk of loss, pilferage and damage to the cargo at trans­shipment points.

*  The markets is psychically reduced by faster transit of goods; Reference to Globalization challenge, the distance between origin or source materials and customers is getting to be insignificant thanks to the development of multimodal transport.

* The burden of issuing  multiple documentation for each segment of transport is reduced to minimum.

* The consignor / consignee has to deal with only the MTO (multimodal transport operator)  in all matters related to the goods transportation.

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