Air Cargo

Delta Shipping provides, Air freight services  to/from all over the world to Turkey as an official IATA member.

Economic, safe and fast service, Exactitude of timing regarding the final delivery provides the utmost satisfaction in our business partners. As an IATA registered & approved agent you can expect the highest level of service as well as adherence to all international shipment procedures, guidelines and recommendations.

We offer a complete worldwide air freight export and import service to our customers including advice on shipment methods, arrangement of bookings on scheduled  freighter flights, full & split charter flights, and securing foreign import documents and services.

We arrange for all manner of airfreight export and import movements from single documents to the development of long term, high volume regular cargo arranging both consolidations and direct air shipments. We have wide range of expertise in all branches and particular experience in the shipment of high value items, industrial products, military equipment and electronic components.

We have over 40 years experience in air freight export and import having served a multitude of companies including Turkish and American Army, large and small from all around the world.

We have an expert knowledge of export and import formalities both from the TR as well as import/export requirements for most other countries. We not only look for the most available and timely routes available but also consider variations in customs duties and taxes at foreign entry points to ensure maximum efficiency in the service.

We handle specials, out of gauge shipments, hazardous goods, as well as regular consignments. Cross border services are also our specialty. We manage shipments from all locations around the world through our extensive network of contacts, including assembly and consolidation consignments. We also take care to ensure that supplier details are not disclosed to your customers where appropriate, and handle all consular documentation.

Turkey has 45 airports, 13 of which serve international flights. Turkish Airlines is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe and the leader in traffic and capacity growth in Europe (AEA, 2009). Turkish Airlines is also the “Best Airline in Europe” (Skytrax World Airline Awards ­ 2011). Istanbul Ataturk Airport has been selected as the “Best Airport in Southern Europe” (Skytrax World Airline Awards ­ 2010).

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